Advertising has always been essential for business growth. We’ve demonized and romanticized Advertising throughout the years. However, one thing remains evident. Advertising works.

Many business owners have hit a wall. Either Advertising doesn’t work like it used to, or it’s just too expensive. TV commercials, radio advertisements, billboards are all out of reach. So, people don’t know where to go anymore.

Business owners may feel like Facebook is the only thing that works anymore, but Facebook works because it’s online. This is why AGN stays on the cutting edge of advertising and developed the tools to run successful, accountable, and affordable online advertising campaigns that tangibly demonstrate ROI through analytics and advanced evaluation metrics.

Display Network

Display Networks are integrated systems in online websites, blogs, and pages that integrate visual advertisements next to the content on a webpage. You might be familiar with Display Advertising from sites like Amazon or ebay. They often display items that you shown interest in purchasing while you are perusing content on other sites throughout the day.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has overwhelmed our lives. Facebook, Twitter, Google+; we engage with social media multiple times each day. This is why it is so important to have a positive and engaging social presence. People spend 28% of all time online using social media, be there.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is the most effective and expedient way to boost your visibility online above your competition. You invest in a purchased position in the search results and put your product or service in front of customers who are actively looking for it. People who are searching online are ready to buy from you, be there.


People commonly refer to Search Engine Marketing as CPC, or Cost Per Click. Since Cost per Click describes the actual price on the bids, this means that prices vary depending on your goals. Consequently, these bids affect the position of your ad placement among competing advertisements. Therefore, Knowledge of SEM is essential to optimizing your Cost Per Click.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click which refers to to the way your SEM budget is allocated throughout the month. Since Pay per Click bids on strategic sponsored positions, this means you can drive traffic from interested buyers to your website. Therefore, the traffic your advertising campaign sends will be optimized for generating sales leads.


CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions. This is because Display Advertising campaigns are measured by the number of impressions that the ads receive. Since an impression occurs when a consumer interacts with your content in a meaningful way. This means if a user fails to interact with your ad, it does not count towards your impressions.

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