Design is the visual element of a website. We are often told to “never judge a book by its cover,” but no one can deny that great designs draw a response from consumers. Sometimes, a well designed site will draw us to read more and, conversely, a poorly designed site can turn us away. Find out how AGN incorporates website elements to create innovative pages that engage readers and lead them to buy.

Web Design

Web Design is an important aspect for making your website visually appealing. This is important for engaging the customers searching for your product or service. This is why at AGN, we’re able to take key features from your favorite websites and use them as guidelines. Thus, creating a professional website that incorporates the most appealing aspects of our designers and your personal style.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is the ability of your website to scale in real time with the size of your screen or browser. Website designers used to implement a Mobile Friendly version of a website to use in tandem with your online presence. Responsive websites take mobile to the next level by seamlessly adapting your content in real time to the screen it is being viewed on; iphone, ipad, tablet, desktop, etc. Google recently released that websites without responsive design will soon cease to appear in searches done through mobile devices. Work with AGN on a responsive website and be there when people search for you.

Web Designer

AGN has a team of professional and experienced web designers that work on the visual designs and layouts of websites. They work hand in hand with our SEO specialists and content developers to ensure that the final online experience of your website is clean, effective, and visually appealing. Work with AGN and find out what it means to be there.

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