Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly describes a website that renders well on cell phones. Originally, websites had a separate mobile version, but website technology has advanced since mobile versions of websites were popular. Now, designing websites that respond to the different sizes of screens is standard practice. Responsive Design describes this new website technology that allows sites to change on the fly. Most importantly, Responsive Design is quickly shifting from an optional website element to an integral and necessary aspect of effective web design.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design makes your website redesign itself in real time based on the size of the display window. Thus, Responsive technology prevents the need to pinch or pull the screen to resize. As a result, all of your content is always readable and “thumb-friendly”

Approximately 40% of customers will leave if a site fails to load in 3 seconds. Thus, Search Engines also penalize sites that do not load quickly. This, consequently, also makes Responsive Design a great solution for load times. This is due to its ability to load your website quickly on any sized screen.

Be There On the Go

Google Regulations

Google sets the standards for most search engine rating technology. Therefore, when Google implements a best practice, it’s never long before the other engines follow suit. Since Google’s guidelines are all tailored for improving the user experience. This means, if our goal in creating websites aligns with that standard, we should always rank well against competition.

Google Shares their 2 cents on Responsive Design in Websites

Google recently stated that their next search iteration will prevent websites that do not implement Responsive Design from displaying in search return performed on mobile devices. This is important for local businesses because over 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Consequently, the absence of Responsive Design from your site will mean greatly reduced visibility online.

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