Responsive Design

We use Responsive Design to create  websites that have an optimal viewing experience at any screen size. As a result, they are easy to navigate from any device and adapt their layout in real time. This means that they automatically resize for the best format and layout on a given window.

Mobile traffic has increased to over half of all internet traffic. Therefore, Responsive Design has become more and more important with the shift to mobile. Understandably, Google has even taken measures to support Responsive Design. They stated that sites with Responsive Design will rank higher in mobile searches.

Mobile Searches

Over half of all online traffic now comes from mobile devices. As a result, Mobile Searches are becoming increasingly more important for businesses. And, over half of local searches are performed from a mobile device. Therefore, maintaining a site that is easy and simple to navigate from a cell phone or tablet is essential. This is because engaging users who land on your site after searching for a product or service increases the chance that they will buy from you .

These trends combine to give mobile friendly websites an advantage when competing for visibility online. In fact, Responsive Design is so pervasive that not incorporating it in you website can actually hurt your ranking.

Ipads and Tablets

Most people only think of cellphones as mobile devices, but this category also includes iPads and other tablets. As people get more used to the convenience of a portable touch screen, these devices are gradually taking the place of desktop computers.

Just think of how many people opt to replace their desktop computers with a convenient and portable tablet. This might be because Streaming, Social Media, or Browsing the web can be more comfortable on a touch screen. Whatever the reason, mobile devices are overtaking desktops every day. As a result, more and more search traffic directs from mobile devices.

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