Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing sets a budget to purchase competitive ad positions on Page 1 of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Each search engine has its own system for suggesting bids and purchasing ad space. Adwords is the most popularly discussed platform for SEM because Google owns it. We discuss Adwords and the other popular platforms below.

Yahoo Ads

Yahoo Ads continue to be a dark horse in certain markets. This is due to Yahoo’s large number of loyal followers. But, many advertisers still write Yahoo search off. Therefore, there is a high number of searches with little ad competition. Ad spaces through Yahoo Ads can frequently boast the best Return on Investment for local businesses. AGN stays current with market trends and looks for opportunities that other overlook. Let us help you determine what the best investment is for your business.

Bing Ads

Bing manages Bing Ads and is one of the most frequently used search engines. Therefore, Bing accounts for ~⅓ of online searches. But, Bing often gets overlooked by untrained advertisers. Fortunately, AGN keeps a close watch on market trends and opportunities for increased ROI. As a result, AGN has access to technology that integrates campaigns across multiple search engines. This mean that you can be certain to reach the optimal audience size with your advertising when you work with AGN.


Google manages Adwords, their SEM platform. Since Google accounts for ~65% of online search, Adwords is generally the most sought after platform for SEM. Consequently, advertisers often overlook other promising platforms. Although Google search does get the most traffic, AGN understands that other platforms may be more profitable. However, These opportunities depend on the industry, target, and location. This is why AGN has dedicated years to market research to optimize ROI.

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