Social Media Management

Social Media Management is the process of a third party advising or managing a business on their social media presence. This service has become popular among business owners who don’t have the experience or the time to handle their own social media accounts. Hence, it is also a great solution for business owners who can’t handle the volume of engagement they have built through their social media. AGN provides a hands-off, Turnkey solution to Social Media Management for a stress free social presence.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing might be the oldest form of advertising. First, a customer is satisfied with a service or product. So, they tell their friends to try it. Then, that group of friends follows suit and tells their friends. Before you know it, you have an established brand. In the digital age,there is an online version of everything, and word of mouth marketing is no different. AGN helps businesses establish and grow their social media presence to ensure they’re being talked about.


Google+ has become the most prominent online directory for businesses. Thus, Having ownership of your Google+ business listing is essential for customers to find you. It is also the first review platform searchers see, even before platforms like Facebook or Yelp.


Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the digital age. Having a presence on Facebook is almost essential for effective word of mouth advertising. This is because staying connected is important for customer retention. So, make sure you are engaging customers.


Twitter is a versatile tool to engage with a specific type of consumers in creative ways. Many companies have saved a sinking ship through their Twitter Presence. Therefore, Twitter is a powerful platform for those who know how to employ its marketing potential.

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