Social Media

Social Media is the new Word-of-mouth. People review, share, and engage with businesses through social media. And, your followers’ connections determine the reach of your network. Therefore, being plugged into the right social media platforms is essential in running a successful business. AGN has years of experience assisting businesses with social media. Let AGN take your word of mouth marketing to the digital age.

Social Media continues to grow through multiple, unique platforms. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ each fill a specific and important role for your social media presence.  Thus, it is essential you find the right ones to increase your business visibility. A Google+ page improves your presence on Google Maps. Additionally, Facebook is great for customer retention and word of mouth marketing. So don’t miss out on potential customers, get on Social Media.

Social Media Management

Social media Management is when a business contracts with a 3rd party specialist to manage social media accounts. This means assisting in day to day management of posts, advertisements, and reputation. As a result, they are able to impact your Brand Image through the social presence of that business.

This solution is optimal for businesses that don’t have much experience with social media. Additionally, it works well for those who don’t have the time to manage an effective social media presence. Finally, it is the option most companies use when their engagement has exceeded their personal capacity to self-manage.


SMM, or Social Media Marketing, is the process of positioning your social media presence to target a specific audience. The goal is to implement an SMM an advertising campaign to increase visibility. The more satisfied customers talk about you, the more potential customers will hear about you.

Many businesses take it upon themselves to manage their own Social Media Marketing efforts. A great number of businesses do a great job self-managing their SMM. Conversely, some businesses just dont have the time or familiarity to accurately manage a campaign.  AGN is here to assist with the implementation of a targeted and efficient solution to your SMM needs.

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